Long term agreement with Veolia

Lutelandet Offshore has signed a long term agreement with Veolia for the development of deepwater quay at Lutelandet.

Veolia has secured the job of decommissioning of the Yme platform to Talisman.

The installation, which is 72 meters long, 87 meters high and weighs 14,000 tons, shall be recovered by Veolia plant here at Lutelandet.

Presse melding Veolia





For more information, contact Tor Gjertsen, CEO


New website

New website! Please find information about our exiting projects and plans for the site! You are welcome to follow us on Face Book for the most recent updates.

There are lots of projects at Lutelandet now. Exciting days. Amid all the projects we made a new website. It is responsive and nice on mobiles and tablets.

Stay tuned - there will be lots of photos and information coming...